12 Source Annotated Bibliography on Should Edification Cost As Much As It Does?

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Assignment: For this assignment, you will prepare a bibliography on your approved research topic. I should have a minimum of twelve sources listed in proper MLA citation format (alpha order).You may use the two sources from your Topic Proposal as two of the twelve sources. 
Of the sources listed, a minimum of three must be traditional sources (book, magazine, journal, or newspaper) and at least one must be an Internet source (A source from an electronic database does not constitute an Internet source). If you use EBSCOhost or an electronic database any book, magazine, journal, or newspaper can be used as a traditional source.
Following each source you must include three brief paragraphs (three sentences or more) concerning that source.

One paragraph will be summary,
one will be a rhetorical analysis,
and the third paragraph should be justification of why you decided to use or not use the source.

You will write three paragraphs for each source. You may put as many entries on a page as fit on the page. You should not place one entry per page.
Each entry will be worth 10 points and any annotated bibliography should have a minimum of twelve sources.
If you do not have twelve sources you will lose 10 points for each entry that is missing.
If you provide additional sources, I will grade the first twelve and compute a score. Then, I will grade the rest of your entries to supplement your score. If your first twelve entries are worth 87 points and you add one extra entry in which you earn 8 points your grade will be a 95. I will not, however, exceed 100 points. Furthermore, I would advise you that quality is always more important than quanity. Do not add several sources and do a poor job. You are best served by making sure your first 12 sources and annotations are perfect.
This is not a difficult assignment, but it is a time consuming assignment. Please start early and proceed a methodical pace. Please email me with any questions, but if you are not sure how to document a source provide any information you do have as well as a description so I can assist you.
Annotated Bibliography
Alphred, Jon. “Making a Mud Pit. The Arizona Daily Flop. 18 June 1996: B5.
In this article, Alphred discusses how draining the lake will create a massive mud pit that will ruin tourism and the local economy in Page, AZ. This source focuses on the economics of draining Lake Powell and identifies one argument advanced by the “Save Lake Powell camp. It also provides a history of the dam that created the lake.
Alphred employs eyewitness testimony, a sarcastic tone, and flowery language to make an emotional appeal to the audience. He also uses false logic, or fallacies, to try to further his point. His position is extremely biased.
This article will support my position that the “Save Lake Powell camp relies almost exclusively on arousing the emotions of readers as its main strategy. I intend to use this article because it demonstrates the weakness of this position. This will allow me to further support my position that the lake should be drained.
Goal: To allow you to clearly evaluate your sources with regard to both relevancy and credibility.