Readings: Chapter 6 


Project Risk Identification for New Project Manager

Identifying Risks in Your Project

Now that you have trained all of the LSDS project managers to use the risk identification process, Bill specifically selected Larry and Lucy to do the risk identification for the upcoming project with Jupiter Systems. You are careful to explain to Bill, Larry, and Lucy that what the group is about to do is only the initial risk identification, and all of you along with the other project stakeholders must be vigilant within the project environment of new and or changing developments that could present uncertainty with additional potential threats and opportunities. So, it is important for you as leaders to shape a culture of risk and quality awareness within LSDS. You suggest conducting a workshop to which various groups of stakeholders will be invited at scheduled times for the purpose of exercising some of the risk identification techniques you taught. On the classroom Discussion Board, work with your classmates as you would work with the various LSDS and Jupiter Systems stakeholders to use the risk identification tools and techniques you trained to identify various possible initial uncertainties that could pose threats and opportunities for the LSDSJupiter joint project. Discuss all of the uncertainties you can think of and foresee on your initial post, and then reply to your classmates posts as a catalyst for further thoughts and ideas about other uncertainties to consider that could emerge from your discussions.