2.5b Unprecedented – 2000 Presidential Election video questions & discussion **

Review the video “Unprecedented – 2000 Presidential Election”  and be prepared to discuss what you learned (in class) by answering the questions listed below. Go to assignments to submit your answers to these questions. 
Video Review Questions:1) What were some of the challenges voters encountered during the 2000 Presidential Election?2) What is the felon purge list, who did it affect and how did it disfranchise voters?3) What role did the U.S. Supreme Court have in influencing the outcome of this election and why?4) How was the 2000 Presidential Election connected to America’s 1st Reconstruction period? Include specific examples of laws, activities, systemic sabotage, etc that were direct or indirect influenced by or extensions of the 1st Reconstruction period upon this 21 century election.
5) What correlations can you draw between this first Reconstruction period and the challenges America faced in 2020 up to now, particularly as it relates to the 2020 presidential election?