3.1 [Discussion] Totems and Taboos in the Body Decorations of the Aboriginal Americas


Can you do 2 part which is short answer ? 1. pick the any quote from upload file and explain why it interests you and make a question (150 word) 2. answer this question ( I wonder if there were anymore cultures besides Greece or Rome that associated with mythical creatures as a type of body arts ?) with short answer ( short paragaraph  250 word).This part I need the source for support the answer. I have the example for part one in upload files. If you have any questions, please contact

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Choose one (1) classmate’s Initial Post about a different question than yours to research online. The question you choose to answer must be relevant to the module’s focus (i.e., culture and time period). The question is  **Are Inuit piercing (Tupik mi) permanent? What is the significance of Inuit men’s tattoos?**

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