a bill and a topic that I want to cover: B h.2120

Choose a particular bill for analysis; Use the websites for Mass ANA, ANA Political Advocacy, or GovTrack.us, or others to find pending bills of relevance to health care and of interest to you. Read statements from both the PRO and CON sides for this bill. You are encouraged to phone your legislature and speak with an Aide regarding his/her opinion & rationale.Form your own opinion and support your statements with data and specific points.Prepare a brief report (3-5 pages) analyzing the pros and cons of this legislation, and your opinion. Be sure to appropriately reference your sources. POST your report on EC Learn. Identify the appropriate legislator; Craft a letter for your legislator about this bill; Use format provided in your textbooks! (Use “add” button to be able to add a second file to this assignment)If you wish, you may send the letter to your legislature AFTER faculty have graded the assignment.