Action items: – School Core

Learning Goal: I’m working on a ethnic studies multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
This week’s reading was an in-depth look at the events that led to the TWLF student strikes at SF State College (began in fall 1968) and at UC Berkeley (winter 1969). Together, these student strikes lasted 5 months total–the longest student strike in American history.
This article was written by Harvey Dong, a student striker at UCB in 1969 and later became a professor of Ethnic and Asian American Studies at UCB.
As you think about the principles of relevant education, self-determination, and serving the community, answer these questions about this week’s reading:
Why do you think it was important for the Black Student Union, Asian American Political Alliance, Mexican American Student Confederation, and the Native American Student Union to come together as the Third World Liberation Front?
Why do you think the TWLF demanded its own, separate College of Third World Studies (later known as Ethnic Studies)?
*For full credit, you must:
answer question 1 in 3-5 sentences (1 pt)
answer question 2 in 3-5 sentences (1 pt)
Action Items:
WATCH this brief video about the San Francisco State Third World Student Strike (Links to an external site.)
READ Dong, Harvey. Third World Liberation Comes to SF State and UC Berkeley (Links to an external site.) (12 pages, about 20 minutes)

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