American History

Please compose a thoughtful response to one of the questions posed below, support your position with specific examples (brief examples from relevant assigned primary source readings are welcome, but primary source analysis is not the purpose of the final exam), and take care to draft your answer in the best prose possible, under the circumstances. The exam is due 16 December 5PM on ICON.
 1) Based on what you have learned during this semester, how would you say the American Revolution transformed, shaped, or affected the societies, peoples, and cultures—indigenous and of African and European descent—of early North America? (Here it may be useful to think in terms of a Revolutionary period that lasted years or decades after the war with Great Britain was over.)
 2) What is the importance of the growing conflict between the North and the South in the history of the early American republic? How did the sectional conflict set the shape for, or alter the course of, American society in the nineteenth century? (Here it may be helpful to think of the sectional conflict as a period that included the Civil War and the years of Reconstruction.)