Analyze a Journal Article

The format of your essays should be as follows: 600-800 words, typed, 12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced, in-text citations and bibliography in MLA style. Throughout your essays, you will cite evidence from the article to support your arguments. Those page numbers should be cited in MLA style in the body of your essay. Also, any outside sources you consult for developing certain points within your essay should be properly cited too.
Your analysis for each article will be based on the following format and questions:
Give a brief overview of what the article is about. What is the topic that the article discusses?
Body Paragraphs
In your own words, what is the author’s main argument? In other words, what is their opinion about the subject they are writing about? If their argument contains multiple parts, identify those as well. Do you think the author makes a valid/convincing argument? Why or why not? For this part, you analyze the logic of the arguments being presented, not the sources. (That’s for the next section.)
What types of sources and evidence does the author use to support their arguments? Identify them. Do you find these sources/evidence convincing? Why or why not? What other sources could have made the author’s argument stronger?
How does this article confirm, challenge, or contradict what you have learned about this particular subject through lectures, primary sources and/or by reading the textbook? You may also discuss any previous knowledge you may have had prior to reading the article.
How has this article contributed to your understanding of other historical events that are related to the article’s topic? What questions does the article raise for you? In what ways is the historical subject of the article still significant today?