anthropology Questions

Introduction-Explaining Globalization:

Drawing on lectures, readings, films, and your global commodities assignment, how would you explain globalization to a non-anthropology student?
What example might you use to illustrate your explanation?
Why is it important and useful to think about our world as interconnected?

The Planet Money T-Shirt Project:

Identify and briefly discuss two specific things you have learned about globalization and the global economy from the Planet Money T-Shirt Project? Support your discussion with examples from the series.
If you were to undertake your own research project on a global commodity and the global interconnections that characterize it, what would you choose, and what would you expect to find?
How would it travel?
How might it impact both producers and consumers?

Module Four Readings on Globalization (Lapp and Collins, Fuentes and Ehrenreich, Brennan):

How do these three articles approach globalization or global history from distinct, but overlapping vantage points?
Briefly compare their approaches and explain how they are distinct but nonetheless interconnected. Again, use examples from the articles to support your discussion.

Contemporary Globalization in Cuba and Jamaica (Roland, CH. 1-2 and Life and Debt):

How is contemporary globalization impacting economic and social life in contemporary Cuba and Jamaica?
How do global tourists experience these countries in very different ways from ordinary citizens? Again, support your discussion with relevant examples.

Reflecting on Globalization and You:

Finally, based on what youve learned so far, how specifically do anthropologists study globalization processes?
What is the most significant lesson you learned about globalization in this course to date?
Provide and briefly discuss two examples of how global processes play out in your own life.

A Note on Citing Sources
If you refer to or quote assigned readings, you should cite these at the end of the passage cited, for example (Roland: 24). If you cite other types of course materials, you might use the following formats: (Life and Debt, film), (Module 4-Introduction to Globalization lecture), (Planet Money T-Shirt Project, Nixon and Kimshi: How the Garment Industry Came to Bangladesh).

NOTE_Make examples from ohio if you use any places. Thats where im from, thanks.