APA Style Lab – Investigating the Relationship Between Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Harm Avoidance

To assess how well you have learned the basics of APA writing style, see how many errors you can find in the following introduction and reference sections of a study done in a PSYC 2002C course at the University of Cincinnati. Identity 20 errors in APA style, language, and grammar according to the Basics of APA Style tutorial in Academic Writer.  Use the annotation tools and comment boxes provided in the assignment window to locate and describe each error. Some errors appear more than once; there are over 40 errors in total.  This assignment is worth 20 points.

If you cannot use the annotation tool for this assignment, download the assignment template in Word and use the “Insert Comment” tool to locate and describe each error.  Then save and upload the Word document to this submission link for grading.

NOTE:  Each highlighted/annotated error is worth 1 point and must contain both a brief description of the error (e.g., incorrect use of commas, incorrect spacing, etc.) and the proper correction (e.g., “should read …”, or “should be double spaced”, etc.) in the comment box to receive the full point for each correction.