Apologetic Background Assignment Instructions
At the start of this journey into the world of apologetics, you are in a unique position. Not just in this class, mind you (although that may be a privilege for some), but as an image-bearer with immeasurable worth you have your own unique history, thoughts, reactions, emotions, ideas, and insights that you bring to the apologetic conversation. Your own background and experience limited though it may be for now – is an asset and a gift to the Cross-shaped community seeking to understand and contend for the gospel of Jesus Christ. In order to foster that posture of listening to and learning from one another, you must begin by reflecting on where you have come from and where you are right now in your apologetic journey, so that you may begin to move forward into a new stage of discernment and understanding. To be used by God as a good apologist who is thoroughly shaped by the Cross, introspection and honesty must be guiding principles at the start of and throughout your course of study.
Describe your background of apologetics as you begin this course. What have been your conceptions of apologetics (both positive and/or negative)? Have you previously studied apologetics? If so, explain the chief motivators for and the benefits of your study. If you have not studied apologetics in the past, how do you think studying it now could prove helpful? What do you hope to gain from this study? Guidelines to follow include:
      Paper length of approximately 300 400 words (not including title and bibliography pages) submitted in a Word document
      Turabian format (review the Sample Paper for a great guide)
      At least three (3) citations from scholarly/academic sources, in addition to citations from Apologetics at the Cross and the Bible, for a minimum of five (5) references
      Acceptable sources include scholarly journals, books, articles, and other published works; videos, blogs, and the like can be referenced but should not make up the main (or only) source of your research
o   Try to find material that supports what you are saying and/or material that has helped improve (or not improve) your views on apologetics
o   Avoid .com websites or other sources whose content origins cannot be verified
You are also encouraged to click the Writing Style Guide tab in Blackboard (located on left side of the main screen of the course) which will provide links to the necessary style guides (i.e., APA, MLA, or Turabian) required in formulating your strategic plan.
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool.