Applying Ethical Principles

Length: 3–5 typed, double-spaced pages, not including the title page and reference page.Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.APA tutorial: Use the APA Style Paper Tutorial [DOCX] for guidance.Written communication: Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.References: Integrate information from outside sources to include at least two references (the case study and an academic peer-reviewed journal article) and three in-text citations within the paper.APA format: Follow current APA guidelines for in-text citation of outside sources in the body of your paper and also on the reference page.If you would like assistance in organizing your assessment, or if you simply have a question about your assessment, do not hesitate to ask faculty or the teaching assistants in the NHS Learner Success Lab for guidance and suggestions.
Ethical Case StudiesCapella University logoEthical Case StudiesConsider the ethical dilemma the health care professional is faced with in the selected case study. Pay particular attention to details that will help you analyze the situation using the three components of the Ethical Decision Making Model (moral awareness, moral judgment, and ethical behavior).

Note: The case study may not supply all of the information you may need for the assignment. In such cases, you should consider a variety of possibilities and infer potential conclusions. However, please be sure to identify any speculations that you make.

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Evidence and APAThe third core writing skill of the Capella Writing Standards is related to evidence.

Capella Writing StandardIntegrate appropriate evidence

Integrate into text appropriate use of scholarly sources, evidence, and citation style.

Developing your skills as a scholar requires you to consider your research methods, source credibility, and synthesis of complex information. Ensuring you are able to integrate appropriate evidence in your texts will better situate you for success and support your development as a scholar.

APA Style and FormatCapella requires that learners use APA Style to provide attribution to the authors of external sources. APA promotes the abilities to paraphrase and summarize, create concise texts, and develop in-text citations and reference pages that will connect your readers to important sources of evidence.

APA has developed a virtual representation of the APA manual on Academic Writer, a tool that you can use to support you in following APA format. All Capella learners are provided with a subscription to Academic Writer.

Explore APA’s virtual representation of the APA Manual.ACADEMIC WRITERWhat Does It Mean To “Use APA”?Law IconBASICS OF ETHICAL ACADEMIC WORKAPA has a foundation in academic honesty and integrity. To uphold these terms, writers must provide citation of external ideas or sources, eliminate bias from their texts, and aim for objectivity.

File Text IconBASICS OF DOCUMENT ORGANIZATIONAPA provides writers with organizational tactics for sections of a text as well as standard formatting guidelines for academic texts, including formatting for the title page, table of contents, and tables and/or figures.

Quotes IconBASICS OF CITATIONAPA promotes the author/year writing process, wherein ideas from external sources are immediately cited in-text, using the year of publication.

APA Paper FormattingUse this basic APA paper template for your course submissions. Note that most assignments do not require you to include an abstract, so you can simply omit that page. View APA Formatting in a Sample Paper

Why Does Capella Use APA?APA citation style is used “around the world in psychology and also in fields ranging from nursing to social work, communications to education, business to engineering, and other disciplines” (APA, p. xvii). This is why Capella uses APA; our academic programs are primarily in the social sciences. Additionally, the use of a single citation style ensures consistency across degrees, programs, and schools.

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