Are your desired behaviors positively reinforced?

Complete “Your Own Self-Direction Project:This involves answering questions about a behavior you have choose. You should answer all 13 questions carefully and thoroughly in this entry. You can also include any reactions you have to this step or to the project.
1. What stimuli seem to control the behavior? In what situations does thebehavior occur?
2. Do you react automatically to some cue with undesirable behavior?
3. Do you react to some cue with an unwanted emotion? What is theconditioned stimulus for it?
4.What are you saying to yourself before the behavior? Second, look at thebehavior itself:
5. Is it strong and quite frequent, or is it weak and not very frequent?What does this tell you about what you can do to change it?
6. Is any element of your problem due to something you are avoiding, perhapsunnecessarily?
7. Are you aware of models in your past whose behavior (or, perhaps, someaspects of it) you may have copied?
8. Does any part of your goal involve changing behaviors that are resistant toextinction, either because they are intermittently reinforced or because theyare avoidance behaviors?Second, examine the consequences of the behavi0r:
9. Are your desired behaviors positively reinforced?
10. What actions make the desired behavior difficult? Are they reinforced?11. Is it possible that the desired behavior is being punished?
12. Is your own self-speech rewarding or punishing your behavior?
13. Are the consequences for some behaviors difficult to identify, perhapsbecause of intermittent reinforcement?
we discuss vari-ous ways to move toward self-change by using techniques that solve differentproblems. Some techniques are designed for the person who is not being rein-forced for a desired act. Others are for the person who needs to develop stimuluscontrol for a desired act. Still others are for the person who already has inappro-priate stimulus control over undesired acts. Also, some techniques are for thosewho are showing conditioned emotional responses. Your answers to the preced-ing questions will tell you which kinds of techniques you should use in your own plan for self-change.

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