argument analysis

Anderson, James A. Why We Should Lower the Voting Age to 16., 20 July 2020.

Compose a 3 page paper in which you analyze, evaluate, and respond to the authors argument.

I want your response: do you agree or disagree with the authors argument? The following items should be part of your analysis.

1. Identify the authors central claim or argument and state it clearly and concisely.
2. Discuss the authors purpose in writing this essay. Who is the intended audience (those sympathetic to the authors point of view, or those who hold opposing viewpoints)? How can you tell?
3. Examine the authors methods including use of supporting evidence. Identify the types of evidence used (statistics? studies? real events? comparisons? personal experience? or…?) and evaluate whether they are effective in supporting the authors claim.
4. Is anything missing from the argument? Does the author adequately discuss any opposing viewpoints, counterarguments, or potential consequences?
5. Evaluate the rhetorical techniques used. What is the authors tone? How does the essay demonstrate appeals to logos, ethos, and pathos? (You should discuss all three using each of these terms.) How do these appeals help to persuade the reader, and are they effective?

6. Do you agree or disagree with the authors claim? Explain. (I am interested in your response and opinion, but you should make sure that you have analyzed the authors argument and are not only responding. Your response should not be the majority of your paper.)

In addition to your 3 pages your paper should include a Work Cited page with the citation of the essay you are analyzing in MLA 8th edition style.