Argument Evaluation Essay

The assignment must be no more than 4 pages in length, double-spaced.  
References to the text must be made in accordance with MLA style. Please follow the guidelines for good writing and the proper documentation of sources. Please include your name, the course name, number, and section letter, instructors name, and date on the first page. Be sure to give your essay a thoughtful title and to number your pages. Please include a works cited page. Spelling and grammar are an important part of your work and will be considered in evaluating the assignment. Please take some care and pride in what you have done and take the time to proofread what you have written. Organization, of course, is very important as well, so be sure to structure your consideration thoughtfully. Make your points and support these with reference to or examples from the text. 
Textual references and supporting evidence are essential for the success of your paper. Papers without multiple explicit references will not receive a passing grade. The procedure for the essay is to explain and evaluate one of the following arguments from Descartess Meditations. 
This means setting up the context of the argument, clarifying the steps of the argument, explaining each step, and then making a judgment about whether the argument is a good and convincing one. Be sure to consider possible objections to the argument.

The chosen argument is “The first argument for the existence of God (from the idea of perfection) from Meditation Three.