As stated in Chapter 6 of the text, there are

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As stated in Chapter 6 of the text, there are many barriers that candidates face and the value of a diverse workforce is underestimated. In Chapter 1, we learn about the effects and importance of environmental factors on Human Resources (HR) practices; in this assignment, you are asked to explore and deconstruct Diversity within an organization of your choice.
Choose any organization and complete the following:

What is your personal definition of Diversity – use credible sources to back up your answer?
Research and summarize the organization’s Diversity policies and practices.
Analyze the challenges and opportunities of these practices on its recruitment, selection, and retention practices.
How can the organization respond to the challenges and opportunities? 
include at least 4 concepts from the course material, in addition to Diversity.

Choose the organization as Walmart 
Note: The assignment should be between 4 to 7 pages in length, double-spaced, excluding supplemental pages, e.g., cover page, table of contents, references.
I will attach the book as well so that you can add some course concepts. Especially in the last question 

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