Assignment #2-1 Lethal Force / Deadly Force

Assignment #2-1 Lethal Force / Deadly Force

REVIEW these articles:
1. Different deadly force mindsets…or just different agency policies ?:
2. Opinion Column – Fear and Use of Deadly Force:
3. Former military as police officers: 

THINK about the assumptions made by the authors and:

The Texas statute and FBI policy about use of deadly force, and your own sense of when it would be appropriate to use deadly force if you were a police officer (as in, would your personal standard be more limited than the statute or policy allows, or do the policy and statute provide enough flexibility for confrontations?) 
What about the subjective language in the statute and policy….words like “reasonably” and “believe” and “justified” and “necessary” and “imminent?” Are there advantages and challenges with those words?
Any other analysis (not just opinions…but analysis of the issues and challenges and solutions, if any).

WRITE a Reflection Essay relating  to one of the three articles.  You must read all 3 articles and in some way refer to or incorporate them into your essay, but your essay will focus primarily on one of the articles.  Spend some serious time thinking about what you have read and your analysis and reaction to each piece….make notes and plan your answer before you begin writing.  Again, don’t just say “I agree with this” or “that,” or give broad opinions generally about what you believe are injustices in the world or your community.  Focus on the articles and statutes/policy.

Guidance for length is 2 pages, and make sure to give proper credit for work that is not your own (quotes, etc).