Use the attached Anecdotal Record Form (I have also attached an short example Anecdotal).  Make sure you implement the 5 components of Observation Skills; Objectivity, Specificity, Directness, Mood and Completeness. 

Refer to the sample of Anecdotal Record Form. 
Watch the video clip above.  
Use your Anecdotal Record Form to write your observation of the child in the video, using past tense.  You only have to do ONE page (there are 2 pages listed).  You must answer ALL the questions for full credit!  
You are giving three key observable behaviors from the video.  You should have a few sentences about the beginning of the video, a few sentences about the middle and a few sentences about the end.  REMEMBER the 5 Components you learned about in Class 2:   objectivity, specificity, directness, mood, and completeness (I list this at the top of the Anecdotal template to remind you!!!)
You will cross reference what you observe with Trawick-Smith.  This child is a Toddler-so you will reference the Chapter 9 in Trawick-Smith   (Social and Emotional).   CITE YOUR REFERENCES using proper APA citation!!!!  Again-see my example!
Use the to “Give rationale” and “Extension”.  The child being observed is an “Older Toddler” (between 24-36 months old).  The way we use PA ELS is this:  look at the column “Concepts and Competencies”; can the child do these things?  If not, the child is “not yet”.  If they show observable behaviors of some, but not all, then they are “Emerging”.  If the child shows ALL of the competencies then they are “Proficient”.  
When deciding how you would “Extend the child’s learning”, this is more than just “talking about it”.  Look at “Supportive Practices” and decide what type of activity you can do to help them grow in this area.  
 Be sure to include references (bibliography of resources), using APA format (refer to the following link: ().

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Complete the following assignment, making connections to what you have learned this week. Refer to the grading rubric in the Course Information section of Blackboard: