Background and Innovation

This paper consist  4 to 5 pages. 
 1) Background (14 points): Summarized and synthesized the literature related to theresearch proposal topic. 
2) Innovation (3 points): Explained the innovation of your particular research proposal(New design for evaluating or examining the problem; filling in the gaps in theliterature, contributing to the literature)a. The background section is a synthesis of the literature (15 points)i. This means that you examined all of the literature about your topicand summarized the informationiYou describe the research that is related to your main research topic(My topic is What are the barriers thatLGBTQ population faces in accessing qualityhealth care?)
 iii. Explain the research findings that are relevant to your topiciv. An extensive literature review consists of more than 10 references
 v. Synthesis of the studies listed in background section 
1. Limitations of studies discussed 
2. Generalizability of studies discussed 
3. Appropriateness of methodology of studies discussed 

b. The innovation section describes your research study (5 points)i. This section tells the reviewer why your research topic is valuable ii. How your research topic will 
1. Contribute to the literature (e.g. nursing, public health,medical) 
2. break new ground 
3. Fill in the gaps and so forth4. No References in this inovation Section needed

Clarity Summary1. Paper was organized in a logical manner 
2. Ideas were clearly presented 
3. Correct usage of grammar and style 
4. Medical jargon not used or explained 
5. Complete sentences used and correct spelling 
6. NO QUOTES ALLOWED – PARAPHRASEReferences: (1 points)Adequacy of references used in the paper as well as an appropriate number of referencesused to support the paper and the discussion. References must be current (no referencesmore than 5 years old unless a seminal work)References Summary 
a. Paper had appropriate number of references (minimum: 10 references)b. References were appropriatei. References must be current (most references should not be olderthan 5 years old unless a seminal work or not much research has beendone in this area)
 c. PEER reviewed reputable journalsi. You may use only 1 each of the following1. One reputable website only (e.g. CDC)2. One reputable newspaper article only (e.g. New York Times).ii. Research findings from primary sources (this is considered originalresearch)
 1. You may not use review articles, meta-analysis, or literaturereviewsiii. Textbooks can only be used if currentd. References cited correctlyi. In-textii. References listiii. Must be on a separate pageiv. References (the word) centeredv. Hanging indent used (references list)vi. Double spacingvii. Volume #viii. Issue # if availableix. Correct hyperlink doi format:1. (new format) – PREFERRED2. Journal URL if doi unknown3) URL address must not have an underline4) APA Format: (.5 point)a. Correct APA format was usedb. Correct APA font and size (Times New Roman 12 pt.)c. Title paged. Correct margins (1 inch)3e. Headerf. Using APA number format in the body of the paperg. Capitalizationsh. Headingsi. Paragraph indents (0.5)j. Left justificationk. Double spacedl. Page numbers in HEADERm. Running head: TITLE in HEADERn. Document named correctly Last Name Assignment name