Balanced Scorecards are Powerful Tools

Develop Your Personal Balanced Scorecard
In this assignment you will apply the strategies corporations use by creating your personal balanced scorecard. You are the CEO of your life. Your balanced scorecard will help you achieve your goals. Your personal balanced scorecard will include the following 4 performance perspectives:

Individual strengths
Learning and growth

We’ll review each perspective together, Navigate to each of the 3 tabs to learn more.

Financial refers to your needs and aspirations about money, including the financial obligations you have today.
Relationships relates to your connections to other people in your circle of family, friends, and colleagues, as well as to your connection to society at large, How do you want to be seen by other people?
Individual Strengths
Individual strengths reflects your personal goals related to health and wellness.
Learning and Growth
Learning and growth encompasses your skills, abilities and aspirations related to your personal and professional learning and growth.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals
Goals connected to a performance metric are most effective. S.M.A.R.T. goals are:

Time bound

For example, an individual strength goal of “Get in shape” would be more effective as a S.M.A.R.T. goal. “Get into good enough share to run a 10K race  by February 2022. To do so, I will work out at the gym 3 days a week for a minimum of 1 hour each workout. I will run 3 days a week, beginning with a half mile each run in week 1, increasing each week by a half mile. In 12 weeks I will be able to run 6.2 miles and complete a 10K race.”
Your Assignment

Download the balanced scorecard PowerPoint template  Download balanced scorecard PowerPoint template to your electronic device.
For each element, add two personal perspectives.
Connect each perspective to a SMART goal.
Upload your completed balanced scorecard to Canvas no later than 11:59 pm Sunday, November 28.

I attached balanced scorecard PowerPoint template.