Bid Response Proposal

Create a Bid Response Proposal that provides security solutions. The organization has 75 employees and is inundated with security issues. Employees use laptops and smartphones that have remote access to office systems. Your Bid Response needs to be ready-to-implement security solutions.
Here are 12 common security issues for many small businesses for you to address:

Equipment is disappearing
No building or computer room security
No Acceptable User Policy (AUP)
No malware protection and experiencing attacks daily
No intrusion detection and experiencing intrusions daily
Passwords compromised
There is an Internet connection but no protection and content filtering
Sensitive information is being copied from systems
No automated operating system and application patching
Legacy software and systems
No data backup
If a disaster should happen to the building there are no plans to recover

Minimum topics to be included in your Bid Response Proposal include the following:

Provide a business security solution to prevent malicious or unauthorized use of digital assets
Create and implement effective policies to mitigate risks
Deliver a detailed list of security products and pricing
Provide protection for the information assets

Format: 18-25 slide PowerPoint presentation
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