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Leadership in Action Assignment 2: Building on Your Strengths
Downloads required for activity:


In this activity, we will utilize Gallup’s resources and curriculum to help us delve more into our talents and strengths. 
Make sure you go to the 
By digging into our signature strengths we can find ways to further develop our strengths and opportunities to use our strengths to grow as leaders.

Review your Signature Strengths in the “All 34 CliftonStrengths Theme Descriptions” resource (found at bottom of your dashboard)
In your Dashboard, read through all three reports: “Strengths Insight Guide” “Signature Themes Report” and “Strengths Insight and Action-Planning Guide”
Complete the activities associated with the four Gallup Downloads (see above). The .PDF’s allow for you to type directly into them
Click on the “Action Items” section in your Gallup account. Choose 3 “action items” you would like to pursue in each of your signature strengths, by “Checking the box”.  Then Choose “Print review” and either take a photo or “print as” and save as a .PDF.  
In a word document Construct a 300-600 word reflection on how you want to integrate your strengths in your leadership development over the next year, and how your strengths impact your approach to leadership

What to Submit to Canvas: 

Completed Gallup Downloads (item 4 in the “what-to-do” section)
Completed “action items” activity (item 5 in the “what-to-do section)
Completed reflection activity (item 6 in the “what-to-do- section)

This activity is based on all or nothing scoring for each of the activities. If an activity is not fully complete it will receive 0 points. A full completed activity will receive full points.

Five Clues of Talent:  10 points
Picture of Excellence: 10 points
Your Role and your signature strengths Theme: 10 points
Getting the most out of your Clifton Strengths Report: 10 points
Action items: 5 points
Reflection: 10 points