Business Capstone Project-Microsoft Corp.

Please read the capstone project description file  so you have an overview of what’s expected. 
This is the last assignment of a series of assignments for Capstone Project that you will continue from the previous work done on Microsoft Corp. Refer to the “Assignment 1, 2, 3 work done” files for more details and write this project based on that. Feel free to re-use some of the materials written from the previous assignments. 
Please review & follow the Instructions and the Scoring guide to structure the paper, so you don’t miss any sections. 25 pages ordered here DO NOT include title, exec. summary, appendices, table of content, reference page, etc… 25 pages need to be solely the body content. 
PLEASE create/research for some sort of graphs/charts to support some of your points in the paper. Remember this is CAPSTONE Project so it needs to be very comprehensive yet detailed!!!
Message me directly with any questions. TIPS will be provided when order is closed. Thank you!