But there’s one thing he cannot disguise: he is missing the tip of his little finger.

Rewrite each argument below underlining the conclusion of each argument and putting brackets or parentheses4s around each individual premise. 2 possible points per question.
2. Since many people don’t realize that they drink more alcohol than is healthy for them, doctors ought to talk to their patients about alcohol consumption.
4. There are two ways of settling a dispute: by discussion and by physical force. Since the first way is appropriate for human beings, and the second way appropriate for animals, we must resort to force only when we cannot settle matters by discussion.
6. The head of the spy ring is very dangerous. He is also exceptionally clever and a master of disguise. He has a dozen names and a hundred different appearances. But there’s one thing he cannot disguise: he is missing the tip of his little finger. So, if you ever meet a man who is missing the top joint of his little finger, you should be very careful.
Exercise Set 1.2
Each passage contains an argument. Put the premises in a natural, meaningful order, and write them out in a numbered list. Then write the conclusion at the end of the list. 2 points possible per question.
Someone who can’t get enough to eat clearly lives in poverty. But someone who can’t afford the things that his or her society regards as necessities also lives in poverty. Wealthier societies will regard more things as necessities than poorer societies. Thus, the “poverty line,” which is the amount of money someone must have to count as “non-poor,” will be higher in a wealthier society than in a poorer society.
8. Human nature is not inherently good. Human nature consists of those human traits that are spontaneous; these things cannot be learned. Thus, if something can be learned, then it is not part of human nature. Yet, goodness is not spontaneous; people must learn how to be good

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