– (100% Good rated ) ability to conduct integrative therapy essay/Psychology and Education

Your paper must demonstrate your understanding and ability to conduct a therapeutic session with an individual during the action phase of therapy (meaning not the beginning or end phase of therapy) detailing your ability to use an integration of different theoretical approaches in this phase of therapy with the client.
 You must utilize at least two theoretical approaches i.e. client centered and Solution-Focused Therapy. 
Your paper should consist of a 5-page summary (excluding cover and reference page) where you explain your approach (which theoretical approaches you utilized with the client i.e. client centered, cognitive, CBT, or behavioral therapy) as well as providing a rationale why you chose those approaches to integrate.
Additionally, you should identify, discuss and explain the rationale of at least three counseling skills that you utilized during the session with verbatim examples (word-for-word).