– 100% (GOOD RATED) Business Studies/ Projects are based on mathematical and statistical analysis

Topic Area:In the attachments, you will find the document, “FYP Topic Examples”. Out of these topic areas, you are free to choose any that you are most comfortable writing about. Please get back to me regarding the research question and topic area.■Think about how you would formulate a research question, or aims andobjectives■Think about what primary and secondary data you may be able tocollect, bearing in mind that doing without primary data is a hard way to do a project
■Qualitative projects are based on ideas, concepts, themes, and frameworks that you might write about■Quantitative projects are based on mathematical and statistical analysis■You can combine the two: for instance you might include both interviews (qualitative) andstatistical analysis of financial data (quantitative) to make your point. Or you could analyse the interview transcripts by counting the number of occurrences of particular words or phrases, thereby extracting quantitative data from qualitative.
References in harvard style
apply concepts from the rest of your degree to a real business issue
Introduction:The very first thing you do is write a working introduction.The working introduction is an entry point into the process: it lets you set up a context, ask questions and define contributions.The very last thing you do, after the conclusion, is rewrite the introduction!!!!!End the introduction with a half page walkthrough of the whole paper. Prepare the reader for what is to happen.
CONCLUSIONS: ANSWERING THE “SO- WHAT?” QUESTIONRecap the: Topic, problem, solution (or response) Then spell out the theoretical, empirical and practicalconsequences of your solution. THE CONTRIBUTION!!!!Discuss limitations and data validityAdd a call for more research. What new questions appear from your study?Closing lines: reconnect with the title of the paper or the very first line of the introduction
THE PAPER: POSSIBLE STRUCTUREIntroduction (2 pages)Literature review/State of the art/theory (4 pages) Methods (3 pages)Analysis/findings (10 pages)Discussion (4 pages)Conclusion (2 pages)Be sure to plan how many pages each segment needs, so you don’t have to kill your darlings after!!!!
Each section in the paper should remind the reader why they are reading it and what function it serves in the paper…A methodology section could begin like this:“Since this paper is an exploratory study of consumer motivations for buying snickers ice cream so as to optimise marketing efforts, its main methodological approach is qualitative. For the purposes of the present study I will present and apply semi-structured interview techniques”
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