– 100% (GOOD RATED) Creative writing/Literature

Choose one of the following quotes and develop a paragraph for it. First you will want to come up with a point and then a lead-in sentence to help set up the quote and finally follow up to help interpret and explain how the details in the quote support the point of the paragraph. See my example on the PP presentation to help you out.
Quote: “A bluebottle, probably attracted by the smell, flew round the head of the dying man, who could not see it nor could he see me wave it away” (Wiesenthal 37).
Quote: “Did he know already that he would get a sunflower when he was buried? The murderer would own something even when he was dead…And I?” (Wiesenthal 51).
Quote: “Was it not just as wicked for people to look on quietly and without protest at human beings enduring such shocking humiliation?” (Wiesenthal 57).
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