– (100% Good rated) Critical policy analysis: Critical theory, equity/justice/anti-oppression, & ethics

cCritical theory
­How does the policy reflect and/or reproduce societal hierarchies of power and caste?  In this section, you can consider how the policy was developed, as well as its implementation and impacts.  
­Relative to the above question, are there (a) specific tenets of Critical Race Theory, and/or (b) specific pillars of Caste that you see embodied in the policy?
­How does the policy function in terms of vertical & horizontal equity?
­How does the policy embody, or thwart, anti-oppression aims?   Consider as relevant: (a) enhancement of rights, self-determination, & well-being; (b) correction for past legacies of harm; and (c) responsiveness to the voices of those most impacted.  
Ethical analysis
­What specific principles in the NASW Code of Ethics are supported or thwarted by the policy?   What kinds of ethical dilemmas may be implied?