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The Cybersecurity Framework was developed by National Institute of Standards and Technology. The cybersecurity framework was developed with an objective to facilitate the companies to be prepared to face or to respond to any kind of cyberattack. The framework also helps the company to reduce the probability of being prone to cyberattack.
The framework suggests 5 functions to prepare an organization for any kind of cyberattack:


The NIST CSF uses 4 types of tiers to illustrate the extent to which an organization is prepared for facing any kind of cyberattack:

Tier 1: Partial
Tier 2: Risk-Informed
Tier 3: Repeatable
Tier 4: Adaptable

The primary differences between NIST CSF and NIST SP 800-53 are as follows:

CSF has the feature for harmonizing business as well as compliance requirements. This feature is not present in NIST SP 800-53
CSF has the facility of using practical and scalable controls to limit the proneness to cyberattack. This again is not supported by NIST SP 800-53