– 100% (GOOD RATED) Environmental studies and Forestry/ Case Study Response, Green Mountain Power

After reading the entire case study and article above, write a Case Study Response, to be completed as a written assignment (2 3 pages, double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font). This should be a thoughtful analyses of the issues covered by the case, and should provide direct responses to the problem presented and the questions posed. The response should contain the following components:
Part 1 (15 points): Review: What was the decision that Green Mountain Power faced? How did Tesla play a role? What were some of the unintended consequences of their decisions, and how could these have been resolved or avoided?
Part 2 (15 points): Four Forces Analysis: What were the elements of the four forces at play in the issue? You can use a diagram or write out what factors were at play, and the relative strength of each. If desired, you can use the Four Forces template provided in Canvas.
Part 3 (15 points): Recommendations: How should the state respond to the Green Mountain Power proposal? What are some broader policy changes that GMP could/should make to modernize their grid?
Part 4 (5 points): APA Citations: You should cite at least 3 external resources on this topic as you complete your analysis.
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