– 100% (GOOD RATED) Evaluate America’s Current Strengths and Weaknesses

his week’s essay topic is meant to be a student-written update from where the last textbook chapter left off using it for background information and your independent research of today’s major issues. Begin your first sentence with: “Today the United States is [stronger or weaker] than in the past.” Then proceed to support your position throughout the rest of the essay. The content portion of your essay grade will not be based on whether your position is right or wrong but on how well you support it from your sources—not just your unsupported personal opinions.• Information sources will be the course textbook and web research.• Do not copy word-for-word from the sources—use your own words• Essays will reflect a point of view supported by your research• Two researched sources will be cited at the end of each essay, MLA or APA formats are not required—just the source titles with their web addresses for verification. Do not cite the textbook, your references must include at least two other sources.
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