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Discussion 6: Evaluation of Action Plan Coach HawkinsKathy AndresenFrom Law & Ethics in Nursing Now that you have shared your action plan with your interprofessional colleagues, it is essential to evaluate and determine next steps. While there are no definitive rules for evaluating your action plan, you may consider the reaction of your colleagues as an indicator on how to proceed.
In an initial post, reflect on the the following questions regarding your action plan memo:
1.) How did your interprofessional colleagues respond to your action plan? How many of the three responded? If no response, what does that tell you?
2.) Why did you select these 3 colleagues? Would you select the same 3 colleagues if you had to do this again? Why or why not?
3.) If you did receive response from your colleagues, how can you use this information to take further action?
4.) Add one question to ask your peers about your action plan memo- feel free to share your memo with others, if you are comfortable.
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