– [100% GOOD RATED] Explore an issue of social justice that has some effect on K-8 education

In this assignment, students will explore an issue of social justice that has some effect on K-8 education. This is a formal research paper using the American Psychological Association’s(APA) method of citing and referencing sources used in the paper. 
This paper is a multi- draft writing assignment and clear progress between first and second drafts and final research paper. NOTE: copies of earlier drafts that have been re-posted will not be graded until some progress is made on the drafts. 
TOPIC: the topic for this paper is for you to write about an issue of social justice that affects students, learning, schools, and communities (approximately 1500-1700+) words roughly 4-7 pages of text double space).
This will be an expository analysis paper, in which to describe, analyze, explain, and inform the reader about the issue and it affects on education, classrooms, and children’s academic progress and well-being. Feel free to focus your study on children and youth in general or focus on the age group or grade level you are planning for your credential.
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