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In general, the topic is good, but it is necessary to specify the area of training of specialists (I mean high technologies, manfactures or some other) Since the Education sector sounds too extensive and you need to narrow it down now the details on this task: Assessment- Background to research and significance of the research project Assessment 1 requires you to write a 1,500 word report discussing your research problem, its background and significance, and situate it in the contemporary literature in your topic area.
 Articulating the significance of your research and its contributions to the research audience is a core skill for any researcher to develop. You are required to review the contemporary literature relating to your research inquiry, identify the areas of research required and develop your research problem. Your goal is to capture the literature comprehensively and use the literature to justify the relevance and importance of your research inquiry and the emergent propositions. To prepare your report, follow the steps below. 
1. Select 10 to 15 academic works in your research area (including journal articles, PhD dissertations and professional magazines) for reading and identify​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‍‍​ the problem statement (which may be explicit or implicit), and annotate the key conceptual ideas/models/methodologies/practices. 
2. Synthesise these works to identify a research gap that you believe exists (it may well be that the gap does not exist in the form that you imagine and that is okay. You can always refine or tweak your problem statement as you learn more of the literature) 
3. Generously use the contemporary literature (last 5 years) to prove that the problem area exists and that it has received recent research attention. 
4. Describe the problem clearly. If necessary touch upon related areas.
 5. Using data and/or research evidence, demonstrate the significance of the problem 
6. List the stakeholders and how they are variously affected by the problem (positively or negatively). 
7. Use data and/or research evidence to describe the consequences of not resolving the problem 
8. Comprehensively discuss the recent research works that have attempted to resolve the problem or addressed areas around your specific research problem. 
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