– [100% GOOD RATED] Franchising Vs. Buying Existing Business


Navigate to the Discussion page and respond to the following:
Identify the small business and the franchise opportunity you selected.
Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of both opportunities.
Considering the type of business you have chosen, which would be more profitable in the long run? Why?
Use at least one professional or scholarly source to support your reasoning with at least one in-text citation per reference.
Your posting should be at least two paragraphs in length.
Post your response by the end of the workshop.

Create a profile
Bill Gates profile should include the following about the individual:

Early years (date of birth, family history, educational background)
Detailed explanation of how this person began their business (the idea and spirit behind becoming an entrepreneur)
Business expansion (What sparked growth if any? Diversification of business? Franchising? Etc.)
Overview of the business today (Is it still growing? How is it managed? Is the entrepreneur still actively involved? Etc.)
The profile should use correct APA formatting with in-text citations and a references list.

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