– (100% Good rated) Global economic trade and currency/Economics :

Please explain WHY and HOW capitalism has been evolving from 1870’s to today
Please explain what is a financial crisis and how and why it affects capitalism
Please explain what is the difference between a crisis in and crisis of capitalism
Please explain what have been the main “eras” that have seen a crisis OF capitalism. The chapter does an
 elaborated work on analyzing the different types of capitalism putting into perfective political events, economic
 events, social events and international events that contributed to the evolution. 
The chapter elaborates on the people and actions who have shaped the transition and why.
 Make sure you properly refer to all the main points.
Based on the authors the Great Recession of 2008 rocked the foundation of the capitalist system. 
Please explain why they make such a claim and explain if you believe that this financial crisis created a crisis In or OF capitalism