– 100% (GOOD RATED) International Relations/ Role Turkey plays and can play in the Caucasus

1) Discuss the role Turkey plays and can play in the Caucasus. What are some positive aspects of Turkey’s Caucasus policies?2) Assess Iran’s central security and economic considerations toward Central Asia. What are some Iranian objectives to further its interests in the Caucasus?3) Evaluate the political, economic, and military impact of the demise of the Soviet Union in Eurasia. How has Russia re-emerged as a major player in Eurasia?4) Assess China’s growing economic and military influence in Central Asia. How will India react to continued Chinese expansion into Central Asia?5) Discuss the political, economic, and military role of the U.S. in Eurasia. Why is Eurasia geo-strategically important to the U.S., and what should U.S. strategy be in the Eurasian heartland in the 21st century?6) Discuss what the “New Great Game” is and what nations are playing this game. What are the stakes in this game and do you believe a major war could break out in the Eurasian heartland in the 21st century?
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