– 100% (GOOD RATED) Jose and Jorge Case Study/Medicine and Health

For question 1 (BIG GEMS), please write about both Jose and Jorge.
For questions 2 and 3, pick one non-communicable and one communicable disease.  It doesn’t matter who it is.  It can be the same person (for example, both diseases focus on Jose) or  different people (one diseases is Jorge’s-  one is Jose’s).
Please don’t write more than four pages.  
For Question 2b: 
Think of yourself as working in the health department at Jose’s or Jorge neighborhood.  Each neighborhood has multiple public health issues.  Which will you choose to address and why?  In answering  “why”, think about things like impact of the disease, feasibility of addressing the issue, cultural or environmental constraints or opportunities, funding/cost issues, and other reasons.  Your answer should be specific to the issues in those neighborhoods but the factors of why you chose them can be based in research that you do.

Describe how BIG GEMS contribute to the different disease patterns of José and Jorge. Be specific and incorporate applicable course material, as appropriate.
Select one non-communicable disease AND one communicable disease experienced by José and/or Jorge and respond to the questions below:a. Which diseases did you select? Clearly identify which is the non-communicable disease and which is the communicable disease.b. What factors did you take into consideration when deciding to focus on these diseases?  Think like a public health professional faced with having to decide where to focus limited resources. Factors such as disease impact, feasibility, cultural or environmental constraints, funding, etc. should be discussed in detail, adequate support provided, and resulting rationale should be sound.
Select at least one strategy to address the non-communicable disease and at least one strategy to address the communicable disease. Provide rationale for selecting these strategies and describe how you would apply them on a population-level to address the circumstances contributing to their development, such as those experienced by José and Jorge. Be specific and incorporate applicable course material, as appropriate. Use no more than 3 outside sources.

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