– 100% (GOOD RATED) Literary theory of practical criticism, analyze the Icarus works

In a short, argumentative, literary analytic essay, using the literary theory of practical criticism, analyze the Icarus works with these questions in mind:
1. What tensions are there between the works of Ovid, Brueghel, and Williams and their representation of the Icarus story? What elements of unity are there, if any?
2. How does Ovid represent Icarus in his epic poem? How does Brueghel represent Icarus in his painting? How does Williams represent Icarus in his poem?
3. How does the intertextuality in these works construct Icarus as a character? How are we, as the audience, seeing Icarus after seeing or reading these works?
4. How do the depictions of Brueghel and Williams differ if it all from our interpretation of who Icarus is and what he does from the primary resource we have to consider?
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