– (100% Good rated) Method for making ethyl ethanoate:

Method for making ethyl ethanoate:  
1. Pour 15cm3 of ethanol into a 100cm3 round bottomed flask and 15cm3 ethanoic acid. Put this into a water bath; carefully add 10cm 3 concentrated sulphuric acid and swirl. Wipe off the water from the flask with tissue paper. Add 3 anti bumping granules.  
2. Fit a two-necked adapter to the round bottomed flask. Place a separating funnel into the adapter so that liquid can run vertically down the flask.  
3. Set up the apparatus for distillation with a 0-100°C thermometer and a small conical flask to receive the ester. Use a heating mantle to heat the round bottom flask.  
4. Heat the mixture using the heating mantle. INCREASE THE TEMPERATURE SLOWLY otherwise the mixture will bubble over — this is dangerous.  
S. The ester will distil over at between 6S° and 75°C. Keep distilling until no more ester comes over.