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Chapter 17 Major, Minor, Augmented, and Diminished Triads exercises 1-5 on pages 196-98 (Error on Page 195 Dimished is m3+m3 (3+3) /Minor is m3+M3 (3+4)/Major is M3+m3 (4+3) /Augmented is M3+M3 (4+4)1a. What kind of triads are the following?1. Example: C E G is a major triad.2. C Eb G is a ____________________ triad.3. C Eb Gb is a ____________________ triad.4. C E G# is a ____________________ triad.1b. Which of the above do the following symbols denote?Cm denotes chord 2.Cþ denotes chord ____________________.Co denotes chord ____________________.C denotes chord ____________________.
2. The semitone rule: Fill in the number of semitones required for each triad.Diminished Triad: ____________________ plus ____________________ semitones.Minor Triad: ____________________ plus ____________________ semitones.Major Triad: ____________________ plus ____________________ semitones.Augmented Triad: ____________________ plus ____________________ semitones.3. Copy and identify the following triads. Include the inversions
4. What kind of triads are the following?5. Copy and Identify:A. The key of each scale given below.
Exercise 1 is in F Major (1 flat) but should be in C major (0 # or b) — cancel the Bb and read in C major.
Exercise 2 is in e melodic minor 6 C# and 7 D# is raised.
Exercise 3 is in g harmonic minor 6 is eb and 7 is F#
B. The scale used.C. Each of the seven triads2
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