– 100% (GOOD RATED) No Future Without Forgiveness

Your Think Paper will be a place where you can explore your thoughts regarding this unit’s text, No Future Without Forgiveness. These should represent your initial reactions to the book and will often lead to the focus of your longer, critical essays. You will also have to respond to at least two of your peers’ Think Papers.
 Some general questions to consider:
 What was most intriguing or confusing about the book and why? 
Was there a person or an image or an event that really stuck with you? Was there something unique about the book that stands out to you? What about the book makes you stop and wonder?
 And so on. If you are struggling with the reading, your Think Paper will the perfect place to voice and work through your questions. Make sure that you do not simply summarize the text, that is, tell me what the text is “about”; The key word is “Think”; 
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