– (100% Good Rated) NursingMeta-Paradigm

 Attitude of Inquiry
Nursing meta-paradigms are used as a way to help organize and provide structure to the
way someone thinks about a clinical question (Hopp & Rittenmeyer, 2012). They can help
define nursing practice and guide the researcher with a foundation in which to build anunderstanding of a topic of interest. Nursing meta-paradigms can be divided into person, health,
environment, and nursing (Hopp & Rittenmeyer, 2012). The person element is concerned a
with population in general, including the individual as well as the group such as communities.
The health element encompasses the outcome and the experience of the person as well as how
they view their own health, illness, and sense of wellness. Hopp and Rittenmeyer (2012)
explain that the environment element includes the surrounding of the individual such as their
socioeconomic context. Lastly, the nursing element is concerned with protecting and promoting
health and alleviating suffering by treating and advocating for care (Hopp & Rittenmeyer,