– 100% (GOOD RATED) Philosophy of Teaching

Your teaching style is directly related to your teaching philosophy. The rationale for making particular teaching choices becomes more apparent when you reflect on what you believe about teaching and learning. Much of what you believe comes from your own experiences as a student, the images of teaching you hold, and your experiences as a teacher.
Write a 500-750 word philosophy of teaching you could present to a hiring committee for an institution of higher education where you might apply to be a faculty member. Your philosophy should incorporate the adult learning theories previously covered in this course.
Address the following in your philosophy of teaching:
Based on your experiences as a student and as a teacher, what are your personal beliefs or philosophies about teaching?What goals and expectations do you have for yourself and for your students?What kind of relationships do you want to build with your students and what learning environment would this foster?Why do you teach in your content area? (sociology)How do adult learning theories support your philosophy of teaching?Support your philosophy with 3-4 scholarly resources.
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