– (100% Good Rated) PICO versus PICo

PICO versus PICo
PICO is an acronym that stands for population, intervention, comparison of treatment,
and outcome. PICO format allows the researcher to focus their questions so that they can
effectively ask a research question that is going to deem the best results regarding nursing
interventions. This format drives the problem of interest, the research, and the results (Hopp &
Rittenmeyer, 2012). When looking at the population the research is concerned about a group
that the research might be interested in finding more information about. This helps narrow down
the search by providing a smaller population to explore the literature on and to find the evidence
needed for the research. The intervention part of the PICO is the nursing treatment that
we are concerned to find out and includes whether research has indicated the effectiveness of
their use. Helping further narrow and guide the topic of interest. The comparison element guides
the researcher to compare one intervention to another. This also includes seeing if no
action is better than the intervention of interest as well (Hopp & Rittenmeyer, 2012). Lastly, the
outcome is concerned with what the researcher wants to know. T