– (100% Good rated ) Podcast Script/English and Literature

. Write a write-up(650 words) that explains the content and summarizes your approach to analyze the novel. Include a bibliography at the end with references used in the podcast [not included in the word count].
More detailed instructions: The podcast/script should be about the the Novel: Winter Pasture: One Woman’s Journey with China’s Kazakh Herders and discuss from a critical point of view supported with arguments. Research the novel to gather the content. Read the novel
. Talk about an issue relevant to the novel and analyze the novel
. Discuss the novel from a critical point of view supported with arguments. Engage with ideas from academic/theoretical text and course objectives. 
The podcast should demonstrate reflective reading and critical thinking skills in relation to literary text / narrative analysis and engage with the class discussion topics below. (I have also uploaded the complete lecture slide in pdf file, please read through the slide and engage with more ideas from the course)
Consider and include these discussion topics in the writing:▪ What are some of the differences between Pitiful and Li Juan’s works?
▪ Can you write about the other / subaltern? Problem of cultural appropriation?
▪ Instead of Li Juan, could the book also be written by other “outsiders”?
▪ How can we read “Eco ambiguity” / “contaminated diversity” in Li’s novel? Can we read the novel also as ecocriticism / Eco possibility?