– (100% Good Rated) Police Brutality Project Proposal

Background of the study
Following the previous research, there are hundreds of reports of police assaults annually and poor treatment by the police that violate civilians’ human rights.
 People get injured or killed through the police’s brutal treatment and excessive force.
 The extreme application of power by the police when handling citizens is criminal.
 The adoption of disproportionate force and brutality is considered an occupational crime since it violates the legal codes of conduct within the field of a legitimate profession (Worden, 2015).
Research objectives
The aim of this research proposal is
1.To examine the causes of police violence.
2.To establish the police brutality effects on society.
3.To investigate the sociocultural consequences of police violence.
Research Question
What are the critical causes of police violence, and why has it been prevalent in recent times in the contemporary world?