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2.  Indicate the type of response format that you would recommend for our instrument (for example, Likert-scale, open-ended, true-false, multiple choice)
3.  Discuss your approach to item construction. In other words, describe the process you use to generate items for our instrument.
4.  List at least five items we could include in our new self-esteem scale.
2nd Page:
Describe how we should approach data collection for our self-esteem measure. What strategy should we use to figure out what items we should keep, test reliability, and validate the instrument? There may be stages to data collection as your measure will change as you go through the process.
3rd Page:
Describe how a researcher might handle missing data when conducting a research study. The section in your textbook will be helpful, but it will also be useful to look at chapter 4 of Tabachnick and Fidell (2013), as well as David Howell’s page.  Define how missing data methods can affect the results.  What precautions can researchers take in advance of beginning data collection to try to prevent missing data?