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 Services; Mission, Vision, and Values; and Core CompetenciesThere is no assignment due this week; however, you are strongly encouraged to complete the following assignment, which is essential to help you meet deadlines in the coming weeks.
Review the Health Care Service Offerings and Mission, Vision, and Values sections of the Organizational Profile in the Baldrige Framework.Select the questions from the list below that are relevant to your practice problem. If there isn’t a question(s) listed below that fully represents the practice problem the organization has asked you to address or that you are benchmarking, create your own questions and discuss with your chair before moving forward.What are the organization’s main health care service offerings?What is the relative importance of each to the organization’s success?What mechanisms does the organization use to deliver health care services?What are the organization’s stated mission, vision, and values?What are the organization’s core competencies, and what is their relationship to the mission?With these questions in mind, write a substantive description of the organization’s service offerings; mission, vision, values; and core competencies.Before you begin writing, you may find it useful to visit the Baldrige Awards Recipients Listing website, located in the Syllabus, to see examples of completed organizational profiles. Use the search feature to identify award-winning organizations in the health care sector. Below each award winner, click on Award Application Summary for examples of completed Baldrige reports.
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