– 100% (GOOD RATED) Six Sigma or Lean process/ Describe how the Lean/Six Sigma framework would be executed

This Presentation facilitates a deeper comprehension of either the Six Sigma or Lean process.
You may select either Six Sigma or Lean for the focus of the Presentation. Summarize the process (Lean would focus on categories of waste Six Sigma on DMAIC), the pros and cons of the model, and apply the model to a scenario of your choosing. This could be a textbook example or your own example that is healthcare-focused. 

Describe how the Lean/Six Sigma framework would be executed to address the problem. The Presentation is not intended to arrive at a “correct answer” or solve the identified problem, but rather demonstrate your understanding of how to apply Lean/Six Sigma processes to address an issue.

The Presentation must have a minimum of three cited sources using the current MLA or APA format. One source may be the textbook and remaining sources need to be from reputable sources such as the Columbia College online library, academic institutions, or journal articles. In addition, you are required to include speaker notes or talking points for each slide and also record a narration of the notes for each slide. There is no length requirement.

Start with an outline. The slides are a visual overview meant to keep your audience on track and view any graphics. The meat of your presentation will be delivered in your narration. A slide should have one main idea and a limited number of bullet points.
Use a consistent slide template. Using one of PowerPoint’s themes is the easiest way to achieve an attractive result. Don’t mix and match themes for different slides.
Use images, graphs, or charts to illustrate points. Remember that images take up space you may need for your content, so use sparingly.
Limit the use of transitions and animations. Overuse of these techniques can become distracting to an audience.
Add speaker notes. Speaker notes are what you would say to a live audience. How to add speaker notes. opens in a new tab
Record the audio narration. Using your computer’s built-in microphone or an external microphone, narrate the notes you’ve written. How to record audio narration. opens in a new tab

Don’t forget to cite sources. Include a brief citation on each slide that includes materials from a source. Then, include a works-cited list (APA) or a references list (APA) on the last slide.
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